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Have Baby, Will Endure Rudeness


Oooh spooky.

Yesterday, I wrote a post that had something to do with blogging and work, and today I see there's an article on bbc.com about the pitfalls about blogging at and/or about work. Woah:

1. The BBC and I are cosmically connected!
2. Here I am actually blogging at work (again). What can I say? I'm incorrigible/tak makan saman/saja cari nahas like that. Yup. Living life vicariously, that's me.

Anyhoo, as usual, something that was said here managed to rouse the Little People in my head (albeit temporarily, I think) from their overly-extended maternity leave.

What is it, I wonder, that makes Malaysians (or is it just Malays) think it's okay to comment about someone's weight ("Eh, makin sihat/berisi/gempal/boroi nampak"), even if

(a)You're not that close. (heck, you might even be complete strangers save for some strange tenuous connection, i.e., he/she is your grandparent's neighbour's second cousin twice removed whom you only meet during Raya.)
(b) Who the heck asked you, anyway? Can't we just talk about the weather? Or, for a really polite conversation, why don't you ask me how much money I make?
(c) They know you just gave birth and your name isn't Madonna.

Actually, it's absolutely amazing the things that post-labour visitors can say/do to you and/or your baby. Here're a few of the winners (List is by no means complete or exhaustive):-

1. "Eh, you still berisi eh"/ "Ada lagi ke kat dalam tu?". This, mind you, when my General Anasthetic from the C-section had just worn off.
Although, some people are kind enough to wait about a month, when I'm still in "pantang" and generally feeling like I'm the best-looking babe in the world with jamu plastered on my forehead, hair pulled back in a tight "ponjot" and the expected floppy belly. I even got a "Berapa berat you sebelum pregnant?" Err.. "Tak tau, lah," I said.
Thank you, people for attempting to contribute towards my Baby Blues. A breast-feeding Mom needs a little bit of depression every now and then.

2. When I'm forced to breast-feed in front of visitor who doesn't understand the concept of privacy- "Banyak tak susu?"
Why? Would you like some? And no, I don't want to hear about how you were a virtual cow who squirted milk all over the place at work.

3. "Kecik ek anak you?" Hello, 3.5 kg is not kecik. She may be small compared to you, though. And I really need to worry about whether my baby is getting enough to eat despite the doctor's reassurance, on top of everything else.

4. What is it that possesses people to want to carry/pinch the cheeks of/generally do things that have a tendency to wake up sleeping babies? Do they think that new mothers with bags under their eyes who are just about to heave (quiet) sighs of relief when they've finally managed to put their insomnia-afflicted babies to sleep so they can (finally!) get some shut-eye themselves want to wake their babies up five minutes after the precious wee ones have closed their eyes? Yes, thank you for handing the baby back to me after you've made her cry. Please give birth soon so I can do the same to you.

5. "Bila dia nak ada adik?" Dude. "Dia" can't even talk yet. Even if she could, I suspect my Little Princess would probably say something like, "Dude, I'm really enjoying all the attention now. Why would I want that taken away from me when I'm still smaller than your tactlessness? Plus, are you offering to go through the pain of childbirth for my Mummy?"

The thing is, the perpetrators are parents themselves. Does this mean I'm allowed to do the same unto them as was done unto me? Because clearly, unless I'm missing something here, it is acceptable to be rude/inquistive beyond the bounds of acceptable inquisitiveness to new mothers and their babies.

Better get back to work before the 'legal repercussions of blogging at work' descends upon me.

Have a good one!

P/s:- If you're still interested in volunteering for Aceh, contact Mercy or Yayasan Salam.


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